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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Pizza Reviews Forthcoming. For Now Events and Press and Friends Doing Cool Stuff!

1. I am having another pizza party at ! This time, to celebrate the release of Issue 5 of Slice Harvester Quarterly! This issue covers all the pizza from 23rd to 42nd, has the top quality illustrations you've come to expect from Brooklyn's own , and features a back cover by talented Brooklyn native cum Oakland raider ! I have been neck deep in zine hell for days now and this issue promises to be THE BOMB.

Event details:
8-10pm, this Saturday, July 23rd, at the City Reliquary Museum (370 Metropolitan Ave, BK, NY)
Reading by Me!
Beers from Brooklyn Brewery!
Pizza from I don't know where, but hopefully it's and again because both of those places are awesome!
I am hoping my grandfather will be there, so bring your grandfather!
In fact, I will give a free set of every issue of Slice Harvester Quarterly that's out so far to anyone who shows up with a Grandparent. It doesn't matter if it's your grandparent. If you know someone who has grandchildren or is just generally grandparent age, bring them and I will give you free stuff!

Do me a favor and . Do it even if you aren't coming because it makes me feel good to check that thing and see a ton of people on there.

2. It seems I have been profiled in ! Read the article! It is really nice. Check out the author Jon Reiss wrote because he seems to be a pretty good writer and he is also a total sweetheart and when I met him he looked like a young George Tabb, who also wrote for the New York Press, but he hasn't looked like that again any time I've seen him since, so he's also a shapeshifter or something!

3. And finally! My good friend and Slice Harvester's #1 most frequent Pizza Adventurer, , is starting an Independent Publishing Venture called ! This is very exciting news, because Caroline is not just a talented artist, she is also an incredibly diligent worker, unflinching in the face of adversity, and if she sets her mind to something, she will make it happen.

She is currently involved in some internet fundraising, so if you've got five bucks to spare, go over to and email homegirl some money! Everyone who donates gets a present in the mail! If you can't spare five bucks, you can at least her project on Facebook and then tell everyone you know to donate and you can just pretend you are one of the anonymous donors, and no one will know and the only real tangible repercussion will be a lingering feeling of disappointment in yourself that you will carry with you your whole life for not forking over FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS for something awesome.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photos from the City Reliquary are in!

Pictured above, me and my beautiful wife, Mrs. Cha Cha Harvester.
The folks at the posted some pictures on their blog from the other night!

And here are the few that I took, or that were taken on my camera:

With Pa Harvester, husband to Ma Harvester and father to me. He is surprisingly proud of his disreputable progeny.
My Two Bills: Cashman and Scanga. Wonderful Men, the both of them.
Martin Munroe, my big brother from another mother.
More surrogate siblings: Danskin and Mr. Milo
Former/future boss and fast friend Eric The Red owner of , patron to the arts.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Video From My City Reliquary Reading!

Thanks to Bill Scanga and all the volunteers at the City Reliquary for all their hard work. And thanks to everyone who came out. And thanks to my dad for taping this.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slice Harvester Photo Exhibition this Friday at City Reliquary!

This Friday, March 18th, 7-10pm
370 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Of the exhibition, the folks at The City Reliquary had these kind words:
"These aren’t just any old pictures – no, they’re one man’s personal mission. One man’s documentation of slices consumed and conquered; of pizzerias attacked and left behind; of entire neighborhoods in Manhattan scratched off his master list. Some call him crazy, some call him obsessed, some call him unhealthy. We at the City Reliquary call him the Slice Harvester. And the City Reliquary is proud to display Slice Harvester’s photo-documentation of Manhattan pizza slices eaten and pizzerias ranked for our next temporary installation."

They will be serving pizza from many of the fine pizza parlors in their fine neighborhood, as well as Brooklyn Brewery beers. And I will be reading from the NEW ISSUE OF SLICE HARVESTER QUARTERLY!

Yep! New zine! Issue 4, 42nd-59th Streets. It'll be available on the streets for the first time this Friday. If for some tragic reason you can't make the event (you work Friday night, you have to study for a midterm, you live somewhere other than New York), the zine will be available through the usual channels some time after Friday. I will make the appropriate announcements at the appropriate times. 

But the real news is that there is a party this Friday, and if you are not there, then no one will ever love you again. While we're at it, if you don't "like" on facebook or , you won't ever enjoy a slice of pizza ever again, a fate that is possibly worse than never being loved.

As for regular updates, they will return when I stop being super swamped with the zine. I've got 3 left to write from when I went pizza eating with Scotty, and then I'm gonna try and head out and do some more by the beginning of next week.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap!

In lieu of a real update, since I have been super busy all day and am about to go start a new job (hopefull, cross your fingers for me), I will link you to a blog post by "Famous" Brooklyn author Richard Grayson, from his blog , which rather charmingly discusses the opening moments of Saturday's event. Check it out .

And then I am going to link some pictures taken by my friend of the latter portion of the evening.

Scott Youth's "Breakfast Delight," and it was delightful.

Our "celebrity" judges (from left to right): Mama Celeste and Papa John, Monsieur Ferpu, the feral pussy, and myself.

That disgusting looking pizza was actually delicious.

A contemplative moment for the Slice Harvester and Monsieur Ferpu.

Sarah B's Arco Iris Delight, winner of Sweetest Pizza, with Skittle pepperonis and what tasted like melted Jolly Rancher sauce.

The Hungry Judges.

James Spruill's S'more Pie which was delicious and a major contender for Sweetest Pizza.

, Slice Harvester's Vanna White, holding up "The Reuben Pizza," winner of Weirdest Ingredients, which featured a pile of potato chips and pickles on top and homemade sauer kraut!

Smo's "Pizza of the Ooze," winner of Weirdest Looking, being chowed on my the ravenous masses.

Pictured in blue plaid, Scott Youth, winner of Best Savory Pizza for his "Breakfast Delight" pie featuring homemade sausage!

The inimitable Bill Cashman

And then I'm going to run out my door or else I'll be late! Back to the pizza tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Don't forget the party on Saturday" and other news.

Here is the flier made, it is beautiful! Pizza clipart on the flier and the banner was provided by .

Click on the Weird Pizza Contest tab above for details on how to enter.

Also, I don't know how I forgot this song when I was compiling my list of pizza music, but duh, Mona Lisa by Slick Rick! The whole first verse is about buying a girl a slice. Thanks to Funkmaster Flex for playing this on Hot 97 on Saturday night and reminding me!

"Sit down eat your slice of pizza and be quiet."

Speaking of the radio, I will be appearing on WFMU tomorrow! This is a long time dream of mine, as that station in the best thing to ever happen to me and I am an unabashed disciple of and . Anyway, I'm going to be appearing on as "one of the 60 most interesting people in NYC."
facebook invite here:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey guys! Have you been frustrated by my total disregard for anything but plain pizza? Have you cringed every time I've mentioned my disdain for Shrimp Tempura Pizza with Wasabi Aioli because you make THE BEST Shrimp Tempura Pizza with Wasabi Aioli? Now is your chance to put me in my place and make me admit that you are right and I am wrong.

On Saturday, October 2nd, I am throwing a one year anniversary party/release party for the new issue of Slice Harvester Quarterly in conjunction with my good friend and pizza comrade , who is releasing a new zine and unveiling her 2011 calendar!

The event is from 6-10pm at and will be featuring, among other things, a WEIRD PIZZA CONTEST! Judged by myself, and two "celebrity judges," to quote from the press release, "prizes will be awarded to:

Most Savory
Most Sweet
Strangest Combination of ingredients
Funniest Looking

If you feel like entering the contest, please email me so I can figure out how many Weird Pizzas to plan for, although last minute entries will be accepted. Just please make sure to bring your pizzas to the City Reliquary by 7:30pm as the actual contest will begin at 8:30pm. Also, contestants should make sure that their pizzas are edible and safe for human consumption. We will not have the means to keep the pizzas warm, so please be aware that all entries will be judged warm to cold (aka probably not hot)!"

Feel free to repost this everywhere. This party will be so fun, there will be booze, City Reliquary has a great backyard, there's gonna be weird pizza, some pizza related performances, zines and calendars for sale! This shit is gonna rule!

Saturday, October 2nd, 6-10pm
The City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Take the L to Bedford or Lorimer and then walk there.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Slice Harvester Quarterly Zine Release and Reading! Thursday, June 3rd @ Book Thug Nation

Pretend that is really cool neon yellow paper and you will have some idea of what the zine will actually look like.

So, Slice Harvester Quarterly #2 will be out less than a week, and I'm doing a release party/reading at , my favorite used bookstore in America (as opposed to my favorite in America, the Love Shack on S Conduit in the Boogie Down). BTN is located at 100 N 3rd St, right off the corner of Berry, in less and less beautiful everyday Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The event will go from 7-9:30 or so, I'll read a couple times, there'll be some zines for sale, it'll be a pretty cool time. And you'd know about it already if you were , or were part of the . In fact, speaking of facebook, if you want to over there, I'll know how much wine to buy. jk. I'm gonna buy the same amount of wine no matter how many people show up.

What a boring post! I am having some clerical problems with the rest of this week's slice data, but I should have those remedied soon enough and then I'll be back to my usual semi-consistency.

Oh! After the zine reading, there will be an after party, because as the old adage goes, "after the show there's the after party," and it will be held at the Second Chance Saloon, which is at 659 Grand Street, also in Williamsburg. Me and my best friend Marcia will be playing records for our monthly DJ night, F(A)CEPLANT PARMIGIAN, and it's usually a good time, so if you can't make the reading, I'll be selling zines from the DJ booth. And since the adage continues, "and after the party, there's the hotel lobby," perhaps when Second Chance closes down, we can all go out and .

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lupita Pizzeria: "Possibly parve pizza?"

Here's the thing about , it's really cool looking.

The awning is maybe nothing exceptional, but once you're inside, there's a rickety handmade screen door and a weird counter and no tables and the whole place is like, the size of my bathroom. Too bad the pizza sucked.

Meredith was "slightly unsettled" by the way the crust met the pizza. After our first round of bites she exclaimed, "that's the crispiest pizza I ever had. it's like a cracker!" It wasn't crispy in a good way, either. It felt like when my orthodox friends parents used to make Matzo pizzas for a snack during Passover. Seriously shitty.

This slice was so garlicky, super dry, and it seems like the dough never rose at all. I want to make some kind of joke about it being cooked on the backs of people shlepping through the desert, but I guess I made that joke already. In short, there is nothing good to say about this slice.

However, if you're looking to move, the block that this pizzeria is on is beautiful and everybody that lived on it was super nice and started up conversations with us!

Lupita Pizzeria
26 Macombs Pl
New York, NY 10039


Much like half the residents of Brooklyn who have blogs, I sometimes DJ at bars. As it happens, I'll be DJing at this coming Friday. I figured I might try and make it a Slice Harvester related event because this bar GIVES OUT FREE PIZZAS! Mind you, it's not the best pizza in the world, but of the number of Pizza Bars located in North Brooklyn, this one is by far the best. Also, what kind of pizza lover is gonna complain about a bar that gives you a free tiny pizza with every beer? That shit rules. The bartenders are super sweet, and I play really good music, too, so it'll be fun times.
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