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Monday, March 21, 2011

Video From My City Reliquary Reading!

Thanks to Bill Scanga and all the volunteers at the City Reliquary for all their hard work. And thanks to everyone who came out. And thanks to my dad for taping this.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Joe Porter: His work thus far.

Today I ate pizza with my friend Joe Porter. I am feeling a little bit shitty today, so I am not going to bore you all with some dull, half-hearted post. Pizza reviews featuring Joe's sagely wisdom will begin on Monday. For now, here is a collection of all the illustrations he's done for the Slice Harvester Quarterly magazine, this far. I don't think the magazine would be what it is without him, so I feel totally awesome giving him his due.

More after the break.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap!

In lieu of a real update, since I have been super busy all day and am about to go start a new job (hopefull, cross your fingers for me), I will link you to a blog post by "Famous" Brooklyn author Richard Grayson, from his blog , which rather charmingly discusses the opening moments of Saturday's event. Check it out .

And then I am going to link some pictures taken by my friend of the latter portion of the evening.

Scott Youth's "Breakfast Delight," and it was delightful.

Our "celebrity" judges (from left to right): Mama Celeste and Papa John, Monsieur Ferpu, the feral pussy, and myself.

That disgusting looking pizza was actually delicious.

A contemplative moment for the Slice Harvester and Monsieur Ferpu.

Sarah B's Arco Iris Delight, winner of Sweetest Pizza, with Skittle pepperonis and what tasted like melted Jolly Rancher sauce.

The Hungry Judges.

James Spruill's S'more Pie which was delicious and a major contender for Sweetest Pizza.

, Slice Harvester's Vanna White, holding up "The Reuben Pizza," winner of Weirdest Ingredients, which featured a pile of potato chips and pickles on top and homemade sauer kraut!

Smo's "Pizza of the Ooze," winner of Weirdest Looking, being chowed on my the ravenous masses.

Pictured in blue plaid, Scott Youth, winner of Best Savory Pizza for his "Breakfast Delight" pie featuring homemade sausage!

The inimitable Bill Cashman

And then I'm going to run out my door or else I'll be late! Back to the pizza tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Abitino Pizzeria: "Everything in this place looks synthetic."

After our experience at our bullshit detectors were pretty perfectly aligned with our chakras and there was no way we were falling for any fakers. And seems like a realm of false authenticity. The inside is decorated with fake brick and everything is too big and clean. The place looks really synthetic, and it's no surprise, because according to the website they're a small local chain. I'll find out as I get further downtown, but I bet all the Abitino's locations look the same.

The pizza? Not so great. The whole slice is way too orange, which tells me they are using cheap cheese. And it tastes crappy too. The sauce is totally unexceptional. The crust/dough, however, is stellar, which makes it even more of a shame that the cheese sucks and the sauce is a bore.

The pizzamen here, though, are genuine mooks and totally gregarious and loud. We couldn't find any oregano, so Phoebe very politely asked a guy walking by if he knew where we could locate some. He turned toward the kitchen and shouted, "Vinny where's the oregano? This lady wants oregano."
Vinny shouted back, "Someone five-fingered the oregano again."
"Yeah, someone five-fingered the oregano again."
Then our dude turned to Phoebe, "Sorry lady, someone five-fingered the oregano."
And Phoebe turned to me, "I don't know if you heard the news yet, Colin, but..."
I felt like I was in the 3 Stooges, it ruled.

Abitino's - $2.75
1592 1st Ave
New York, NY 10028


As the month comes to a close, I'd like to remind anyone who hasn't ever donated or hasn't donated in a while that it certainly wouldn't hurt. Top right corner of the page. And if you donate I'll send you a zine gratis. (Don't worry prior donaters, you'll all get zines in the mail, too.) While we're talking internet 2.0 stuff, don't forget to join the which I'm honestly unsure of the purpose of, but it totally makes me feel awesome whenever it gets more "fans." Also, subscribe to the to get Twitter-exclusive updates about things like where to get a good Tamale and what public restroom I'm currently using.

And speaking of the zine, it's all done and I'm just working out some kinks in printing the cover, but I'll be having a Zine Release Party on Friday February 12th from 8-10pm at , the best used bookstore in New York City. The zine will not be available before then, but after that I'll put up a paypal link as well as a list of stores where it can be purchased. It looks beautiful, thanks to the incredible Joe Porter who illustrated it magnificently. Here is a sample page:

Oh, and since I've managed to forget to do this for the past few days, thanks to for the big up the other day when they linked . PTO is one of two blogs that I actually read, the other being . In fact, let this be the beginning of what will probably be many months of public entreaties to get the Bike Snob to ride around and eat pizza with me. Aside from writing one of the two blogs I actually read, he is also one of the two people I started Slice Harvester partially as an excuse to fabricate a means to hang out with. Woah, that last sentence, it's terrible. The other person is from , but I am pretty sure he is a vegan.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Eating a lot of pizza, remember a lot of notes."

Vanity searching Slice Harvester I turned up in the Taiwanese Epoch Times! The is really pretty hilarious, but if any of my dear readers are capable of giving me a rough translation, I'd be much obliged. First or best translation received, I'll send mail out a copy of my Wintertime Bummer Jams seasonal mixtape along with a complimentary copy of the Slice Harvester zine when it comes out, so get to it!

As you can see, I was too lazy to make a new flier.

In other news, I'm doing another DJ party at , the bar in Greenpoint with free pizza. If you want to come hector me about pizza while I'm already grumpy because I'm the only sober guy in the bar, stop by 113 Franklin St, off the Greenpoint Ave G stop any time after 10pm this Thursday evening. Music should be weird and between me and my companion DJ Diamond Joe Porter, there will be something for everyone. Also, I've said this before, but Lulu's has the best pizza out of all the free pizza bars in the city, which is obviously not saying much, but at least they give you free food, a hard find In These Troubling Economic Times, as might say.
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